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Recently Released TNCR March Issue on Transnational Corporations and Economic Performance
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Transnational corporations through their trade, investment and innovation activities have been the key drivers of Canada’s national economy, and are playing an increasingly important role in sustaining Canada's economic vitality and dynamism. In the recently released TNCR March issue, we present a special focus on Transnational Corporations and Economic Performance. It contains a collection of the studies covering transnational corporations’ strategies and activities, and their impact on the economic performance of the home and the host countries, focusing on Canada’s experience.
Between 1990 and 2012, Canada’s inward FDI stock increased from US$ 113 billion to US$ 637 billion. Canada’s outward FDI stock has increased at a significantly faster pace than its inward FDI stock, reaching US$ 715 billion in 2012 compared to US$ 85 billion in 1990.  Canada, from being a huge net importer of capital, has become a major net exporter of FDI since 1997. Thanks to the dramatic reductions in transportation and communication costs and increasingly liberalized trade and investment regimes in most countries, transnational corporations’ activities are progressively becoming more global and footloose. As a result, partaking in offshoring and participating in the global value chain has become important strategies to transnational firms operating in Canada as well as to Canada’s transnational companies operating abroad.

For more information, welcome to review the enclosed Table of the Contents and the website at www.tnc-online.net/page/Journals/index.php


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