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TNCR-CEA Special Workshop on Multinationals and Emerging Markets
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Transnational corporations (TNCs) through trade, investment and innovation activities have been playing an increasingly important role in sustaining economic vitality and dynamism in Canada and emerging economies. Between 1990 and 2012, Canada’s inward foreign direct investment (FDI) stock increased from US$ 113 billion to US$ 637 billion. Canada’s outward FDI stock has increased at a significantly faster pace than its inward FDI stock, reaching US$ 715 billion in 2012 compared to US$ 85 billion in 1990. Canada, from being a huge net importer of capital, has become a major net exporter of FDI since 1997.

TNCs from China and other emerging markets (EM) are a growing force in the global economy. In 2013, outward FDI from developing and transition economies reached USD 553 billion, amounting to 39 percent of global FDI outflows. Emerging-market TNCs, especially, from BRIC countries, are expected to increase their presence abroad. The growing investment by emerging-market TNCs presents many opportunities and challenges for sustainable development of host and home countries. This special workshop seeks to deepen research, analysis and discussion of those opportunities and challenges.

The proposed workshop would examine the role of multinationals in economic integration of China and other emerging markets with other world economies. It aims to provide empirical evidence for a better understanding of the economic impact of multinationals’ business activities and strategies on trade, capital formation, innovation, productivity and institutions in the emerging economies. We are planning to invite well-known experts from China and other emerging markets to answer the following questions:

What is the impact of inward FDI on investment, innovation and industrial sophistication in emerging economies? What is the effect of FDI on the participation of emerging economies in global value chains and setting up of the sourcing industries? What are the factors effective in promoting the investment activities of transnational corporations in the emerging economies? What are the implications of the shift towards the service sector and the emergence of the growing middle class in china and other emerging markets for future investment opportunities for companies in Canada and other developed economies?  What are the impacts of outward FDI on economic development in emerging markets? How does foreign direct investment interact with institutions in emerging economies?

The proposed experts from Canada to be invited include Dr. Wulong Gu, Statistics Canada, Dr. Vinod Kumar, Sprott Business School, Carleton University, Dr. Karl Moore, Faculty of Management, McGill University, Canada, Dr. Walid Hehazi, University of Toronto, Dr. Marivin Hough, Telfer School of Management, University of Ottawa, Dr. Ajax Persaud, University of Ottawa, Dr. Jianmin tang, Industry Canada, Dr. Ari Van Assche, HEC Montreal, Dr. Yanling Wang, Carleton University, Dr. Weimin Wang, Statistics Canada.

For more information with any questions or suggestions, please contact us at tncr.special@gmail.com.


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