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TNCR Sets Stages for Two CEA Special Sessions in Ottawa
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With a festival season approaching in the capital city of Ottawa, the Transnational Corporations Review (TNCR) is speeding up a bid for its signature Canadian event. Two TNCR Special Sessions at the 50th Annual Conference of the Canadian Economics Association (CEA) will take place on 4 June 2016 in Ottawa, Canada.

A prestigious organization of academic economists across Canada and from abroad, the CEA organizes its flagship annual conferences at leading Canadian universities and publishes two SSCI-listed academic journals, The Canadian Journal of Economics and The Canadian Public Policy journal. While this year marks the 50th anniversary of the CEA, the University of Ottawa, Canada’s bilingual public research university, will host this milestone annual conference.

Since 2013, the TNCR has been intensively collaborated with the CEA conference for sponsoring special sessions related to transnational corporations (TNCs). To keep its momentum of success achieved from the 2015 CEA conference at Ryerson University in Toronto, the TNCR will continue to present two special sessions this year to examine the role of TNCs in economic integration of the emerging markets, especially the BRICS, such as China, Brazil, and India, with other economies.

The TNCR-CEA special sessions in 2016 feature a number of presentations from Brazil, Canada, and China. The attractions to the participants will be internationally renowned scholars assigned as discussants to facilitate academic dialog, some editors of the SSCI-listed journals invited to explore possible publication, and an after-session academic tour to Syracuse University in the United States under consideration. Echoing these attractions, delegations and representatives from more than ten universities in China have confirmed their participation.

Chairing the TNCR-CEA sessions, Dr. Someshwar Rao, along with other potential co-chairs, respected experts, discussants and advisors, envisions that the TNCR-CEA special sessions will deepen the research, analysis and discussion of the opportunities and challenges presented by emerging-market TNCs, a growing force in the global economy. With this vision in mind, the TNCR team seeks to create two special sessions shining on the stage of the CEA conference.

We look forward to welcoming our respected presenters and participants in Ottawa, Canada soon. For any questions or suggestions, please contact us at lance.longqing.wang@gmail.com and/or tncr.special@gmail.com.

Provided by the TNCR team, 23 April 2016


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