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Case Analysis: Chinese published SSCI papers (1)
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The TNCR team recently analyzed the Chinese published SSCI papers by selecting 112 articles from the last five years. The analysis finds that the Chinese published articles showed very high academic levels. This is not only in the topics but also from the journal’ levels. Below are a number of interesting findings have been identified. 

1. The published papers show a stronger team work
As the graph below, most papers are with more than two authors. 51.8% or 58 papers were published by three or more than three authors. There are about one third of the papers (29.5%, 33 papers) published by individual author. Almost one fifth of the papers (19.0%, 21 papers) are published with two authors.

2. Substantial amount published with SSCI listed Economics  journals
As is presented in the diagram, the 112 papers are published in 63 different kinds of journals. There are great amount of journals as Economics (38 journals, 60.3%), the second largest amount are in the business and finance category (15 journals, 23.8%); the third status are beyond Economics, Business and Finance, including 10 journals, 15.85%.

3. Many articles are with high impact factors
Journal Impact Factor is the most significant academic measurement standard for the journals. In the 63 journals, there is one journal which impact is overwhelmingly high (Journal of Management, 8.08) compared with all the others. Second, there is one journal which indicator is significant high (Economic Journal-Applied Economics, 5.028). There are 5 journals between 3 and 5, while 4 journals between 2 and 3. The are 25 journals are between 1 and 2. The left are 27 journals which are below 1.

4. Chinese published papers are getting competitive with those of the United States
It is noticed the contributions are different from China and United States for these 63 journals. As can be seen, the United States contributes most significantly, no matter for the first, second, and third contribution (41 times, first contribution; 13 times, second contribution; 14 times, third contribution). However, China considers as the second important country in the first, second and third contribution (14 times, 9 times, and 13 times respectively). In addition, Germany, England, Australia, Japan, and Korea are all active members for the academic contributions, especially, Germany (12 times) surpasses China in the second contribution index, and England is equal with China (both are 9 times) in the second contribution index.

Source: The data released by Economic School, Zhejiang University

In summary, we find that, overall, there are some papers published in substantially high academic journals for Chinese papers. Also enormous papers are published in SSCI-listed Economics journals. Moreover, China is becoming a substantial academic member although the United States still occupies the overwhelming status currently.

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