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 Current location:2017 Conference - XT  
International Conference
China’s One Belt One Road Initiative and EconomicInternationalization
Hosted by 
School of Economics and Management
Xi’an University of Technology
Partnered with
Transnational Corporations Council of Studies
Paper abstract: July 31, 2017
Full paper: September 30, 2017
Conference Dates: October 20-22, 2017 (Friday-Sunday)
Conference Hotel: Xi’an Yuehui International (5 Longhuxing, Qujiang, Xi’an, China) 


Proposed by the Chinese leader Xi Jinping in September 2013 when he visited the Central Asia andSoutheast Asia, the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road, also known as One Belt One Road (OBOR), is a development strategy and framework, which focuses on connectivity and cooperation among economies primarily China and the rest of Eurasia. It consists of two main components, the land-based "Silk Road Economic Belt" and oceangoing "Maritime Silk Road". The strategy underlines China's pursuit for taking a bigger role in global affairs, and its need for cooperation in areas such as manufacturing, infrastructure and agriculture.

The OBOR Initiative was also promoted by PremierLi Keqiang during his State visit in Asia and Europe in 2014. In February 2015, Vice-Premier Zhang Gaoli, a member of the seven-man Politburo Standing Committee, was appointed to be the leader of the steering committee, with Wang Huning, Wang Yang, Yang Jing, and Yang Jiechi being named deputy leaders. It was the most frequently mentioned concept in People's Daily in 2016.

With this background, an international conference on China’s OBOR Initiative related to economic globalization and internationalization will be held in Xi’an, China’s northwestern economic and cultural center, in October 2017. This conference will be exploring the role and significance of the [g1] OBOR initiative as well as transnational corporations in this initiative. The conference will discuss challenges and opportunities that China brings to the OBOR related economies as a result of its integration into the international economy and business.

The Conference will provide a platform where enterprises, government and academic experts discuss the existing opportunities to perfect economic performance.

1.  Conference Organizations

The conference is sponsored by Xi’an University of Technology (XUT). It is hosted by the School of Economics and Managementat XUT in Xi’an, China and jointly organized with the Transnational Corporations Council of Studies (TNCCS) headquartered in Ottawa, Canada.

2. Proposed Topics for Submissions

The Conference topics of interest for submission include but are not limited to the following. Please note that individuals who are not able to submit or present a paper are welcome to register to attend the conference. 

·         What is the OBOT initiative?
·         Is it China’s economic initiative or institutional strategy?
·         What will be the OBOR’s implications for the relevant countries?
·         What will be the role of the regional countries in OBOR initiative?
·         How China can benefit from OBOR?
·         What are the security concerns of OBOR?
·         What are the geostrategic implications and challenges?
·         What is the economic significance of OBOR?
·         What is the regional discourse on OBOR, focusing on both the land and sea routes?
·         What are the major points of convergence of China on OBOR?
·         What are the challenges and opportunities for transnational corporations? 
·         What are China’s development strategy and mergers and acquisitions overseas?
·         What is globalization and economic development that China’s pursuing?
·         What are the roles of the internationalization of small and medium sized enterprises?
·         How it works with international marketing and human resources management?
·         How bout International trade and investment policy link to the OBOR initiative?
·         Do the R&D and innovation management work for the OBOR strategy? 
·         What is the role of emerging markets related to OBOR in the global economy?
·         How it works with social responsibility of international businesses?
·         How are transnational corporations and cross-cultural issues managed?
·         How the OBOR link to foreign investment and institutional innovation?
·         Does the OBOR affect global supply chain and management?
·         What are the issues related to the world economic and financial research?     

3. Conference Advisory (to be confirmed)

•       Dr. J iyong Chen, Professor of International Economics, Wuhan University, China
•       Dr. Wulong Gu, Senior Adviser, Economic Research, Statistics Canada
•       Dr. Vinod Kumar, Sprott Business School at Carleton University, Canada
•       Dr. Karl Sauvant, Resident Senior Fellow at Columbia University, USA
•       Dr. Mauricio Serra, Professor of Economics, University of Campinas (UNICAMP), Brazil
•       Dr. Jianmin Tang, Senior Researcher, Policy Branch, Industry Canada
•       Dr. Ari Van Assche, HEC Montreal, Canada 

4. Conference Secretariat

·         Haiqing Hu, Conference Chair, Dean of the School of Economics and Management, XUT
·         Shuili Yang, Conference Secretariat-General, Deputy Dean of the School
·         Xiaoyan Ren, Conference Officer, the School of Economics and Management
·         Hugh Dang, Conference Coordinator (overseas), TNCCS Canada
·         Gloria Yuan, Conference Manager (publishing), TNCR Canada

5. Submission for Publication

  • Papers in both English and Chinese are accepted. If it is written in Chinese, the paper must contain an English title, abstract(about 150 words), key words, introduction of the authors (about 100 words for each) and detailed contact information(especially valid email). Paper needs to be written in English if the author wishes for an international publication, especially for recommending to ESCI/SSCI-listed journals. For paper format, please see details at www.tnc-online.net/page/luntan/index.php.
  • All accepted papers will be published with TNCCS in Canada, and will also be included in some important international index like SSCI-CPCI. Excellent English papers will be recommended by this conference to the SSCI-listed journals.    

6. Registration

  • Conference registration: RMB 1,200 yuan per participant or US$180. Student for RMB 800 yuan or US$120. This covers the conference material, activity, lunch/dinner, coffee and tea except transportation and accommodation (the conference secretariat encourages the potential participants to register as early as possible because of limited space).
  • When applicable, for reviewing, editing, publishing and indexing papers, other charges might be requested in addition to the conference registration. Please contact the Secretariat of the Conference (overseas) for more details.

7. Important Messages 

  • Conference hotel: Xi’an Yuehui International (5 Longhuxing, Qijiang, Yanta District,Xi`an)
  • Paper proposal or abstract: July 31, 2017
  • Full paper Submission due: September 30, 2017
  • Conference Dates: October 20-22, 2017 (Friday to Sunday and register on October 20).

8. Special Note

·         TNCCS members could receive discount to participate in the conference with the planning tour(s) and papers for publishing.

9. Contact Information

·         To contact the Conference Secretariat in China, please write to Dr. Xiaoyan Ren at renxiaoyan999@163.com.
·         For questions related to the paper submissions, please write to tncr.special@gmail.com.
·         Also the conference information can be found at www.tnc-online.net and/or http://sba.xaut.edu.cn/
For pringting version please clich here.Xi'an Conference-en 2016.pdf 
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