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Transnational Corporations Review (TNCR) is collaborated with Taylor & Francis for publishing at www.tandfonline.com/rncr.

Transnational Corporations Review (TNCR) is an academic journal dedicated to publishing peer-reviewed, high-quality research on issues related to transnational corporations. Established in 2008, TNCR’s target audience is academics, policymakers and industry practitioners who want to keep abreast of the latest in-depth knowledge on globalization, internationalization of firms, transnational corporations’ management, foreign direct investments, institutional innovations, policies and governance, and international trade and development. The journal puts particular emphases on emerging countries and their growing presence in the global economy and, interactions between emerging and developed country firms. The journal is supported by the Vale Columbia Center on Sustainable International Investment at Columbia University in the United States, the Investment Analysis Center at the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development in Switzerland, and Stephen-A.-Jarislowsky Chair in International Business at Laval University in Canada.

TNCR positions itself to be a liaison between knowledge creators (scholars) and knowledge seekers in the areas of international economics and international business. It distinguishes itself from other journals in these fields:

  • Instead of focusing only on emerging or developed countries, TNCR focuses on the interactions of firms from both the developed and emerging countries.
  • Instead of studying only general issues of the Globalization, TNCR puts emphasize both on macro issues on international economics and international business environment as well as on micro issues of firm level management, governance and managerial practices in cross-cultural settings both in the developed and emerging countries.
  • Instead of prioritizing the quantitative methodology, TNCR welcomes research articles using both quantitative and qualitative as well as mix-methods. On the top of the openness towards methodological varieties, TNCR puts emphasis on both methodological rigor and pertinence of the content of the articles.
  • Instead of publishing only the empirical research papers that test existing theories or confirm prior findings, TNCR encourages the futuristic conceptual papers as “research note” from senior academic or professional experts.
  • Instead of publishing the papers that are specific to a particular short-lived period, TNCR presents ideas that will remain relevant in the long-run.

In summary, TNCR welcomes articles that contain observations and present an overall picture of the investigated issues. In line with the goal of knowledge transfer, we also welcome papers that generate relevant and transferable insights and implications for policy makers and industry practitioners.

Call for Reviewers

The TNCR is seeking reviewers from both academic and/or professional communities to join the editorial review panel. Please send an email with a copy of your curriculum vitae (CV) to info@tnc-online.org.


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