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2018 Conference - HZ
2017 Conference - XT
2016 Conference - CA
2015 Conference - HB
2015 Conference - CD
2014 Conference - CQ
2014 Conference - IN
2014 Workshop - US
2013 Conference - BR
2013 CEA Panel - CA
2012 Conference - WH
2011 Symposium - BJ
2010 Conference - XN
2007 Conference - CA

 Current location:2010 Conference - XN  

About the Conference

The primary focus of the Conference is on new and original research in the areas of economics and management with special emphasis on Transnational Corporations (TNCs) and Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). China is keen in its interest to listen, learn, and evolve according to proven best practices globally. Soft power is there...based on the Schumpeterian prudential entrepreneurial and long-term innovative market economy helped by the proper roles of governments.

As we all are in the same "Great Recession" boat of global economy, this Global Conference at the end of the Silk Road and the Cradle of the Chinese nation (Xi'an) focuses on collaborative and interactive roles of governments and TNCs in modern social and economic development of China & emerging markets in general. In particular, China's rapid integration into the global economy has created tremendous and least understood new investment and trade opportunities for all the global economy stakeholders. Featuring Nobelists and other top experts, the Conference offers a unique forum for business, government & academia leaders and analysts to discuss and practically assess the existing opportunities and how to optimally advance them in the near future.

For more information, please review the following files:

File 1: About the Conference File 1_About the conference.pdf
File 2: Conference Organizations File 2_ Conference organizations.pdf
File 3: Conference Proposal File 3_ Conference proposal.pdf
File 4: Conference Advisors File 4_Conference advisers[1].pdf
File 5: About Xi’an File 5_About Xi'an.pdf
File 6: Call for Papers File 6_Paper submission.pdf
File 7: Questions and Answers File 7_ Q&As.pdf

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