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About Ottawa United Learning Academy (OULA)

Registered in Ontario, Canada, Ottawa United Learning Academy (OULA), along with its Ottawa Multicultural Club, and Denfar Transnational Development (Denfar, previously Transco Global) produce an international journal of Transnational Corporation Reviews (TNCR). We also practice Ottawa International Students Entrepreneurship (OISE), as well as cultural and business development services. OULA is a not-for-profit organization created in 2001 to serve as a center for individuals and communities interested in Oriental languages, businesses and culture. This organization encourages overseas Chinese to participate in cross-cultural activities in their community for enriching the life of individuals and promoting cultural exchanges among Canada, China and the rest of the world.OULA conducts the programs and services to include many activities that focus on Oriental cultural studies and exchanges. The organization enhances knowledge, skills and personal development of participants by encouraging them to expand their cultural interests. OULA also places a concernwith cultural adjustment for newcomers and immigrants as they adapt to a new language and culture.

About Transnational Development (Denfar)

Denfar Transnational Development (Denfar) conducts multicultural and transnational business services, which foster cultural exchange and skill sharing amongimmigrants and their wider community. Participants to Denfar activities increase their capacity foremployment potential. The participants will also find opportunities for increased cultural and business engagement. The learning-based projects facilitated by Denfarand its partners reduce isolations felt by many immigrants as they face the challenges of integrating them into a mainstream society. Denfar is a leading organization in operating learning programs for those who are interested in Oriental culture and business. Along with the OULA (Ottawa United Learning Academy), Denfar is dedicated to developing customized programs for studentsand young entrepreneurs, which include seminars, workshops, and individual mentoring. Denfar offers participants the opportunities to develop intercultural understanding and knowledge of transnational business, particularly that of East Asia and its diaspora.

About Transnational Corporations Review (TNCR)

Edited by the Ottawa United Learning Academy (OULA) and published by Denfar Transnational Development (Denfar),Transnational Corporations Review (TNCR) is a modern media journal dedicated to providing economic, policy, and business analysis of current issues related to transnational corporations (TNCs), foreign direct investment (FDI), institutional innovation, and international development. The journal emphasizes China's and other emerging economies’ growing involvement in the global community. FDI by TNCs is the most dominant and dynamic element of the world economy in terms of production value. TNCR fills an urgent need for a journal on the topic that is available in both English and Chinese. It is a unique journal published in the West that addresses the topic from modern economic and business theory and practice, including knowledge management perspectives. The journal serves the needs of globally dispersed young professionals and senior graduate students majoring in international economics, business and management.

About Ottawa International Students Entrepreneurship (OISE) 

Ottawa International Students Entrepreneurship (OISE) is created by a group of educators and professionals to help international students, especially those from China, to adapt their lives toa foreign environment and to achieve their educational and career goals. According to UNESCO, China has more students pursuing education overseas than any other country – One in seven international students worldwide is from China. In Canada, for example, greater than one in four international students were currently from China; however, around 70% of these failed to achieve their goals. Among these, 30% changed their program of study and 20% either postponed graduation or failed to graduate altogether. China’s economic growth and the improved financial status of its households have changed the background and situation of international students. Aside from the few merit scholarship holders who have financial support to study abroad, many students from China are with wealthy families and may not pass the university entrance examinations in their own country. These students often come from one-child families and may have difficulty caring for and motivating themselves in pursuit of their studies. OISE aims to reach out foreign students by helping them adapt to their new environment and achieve their academic and personal objectives, to reduce the costs of studying abroad, and to alleviate the worries of concerned parents. To this end, OISE provides a full-service package including professional guidance on planning students’ programs of study, preparation for language training or individual counseling, meetings with students to discuss their progress, and communications with their parents.

(Updated: December 31, 2013)