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Dr. Zhan Su, Laval University, Canada
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Dr. Zhan Su, Laval University, Canada
Dr. Zhan Su, Professor of Business Strategy and International Management, is Director of Stephen-A.-Jarislowsky Chair in International Business and Director of MBA in Global Business at Laval University in Quebec City, Canada.Professor Su received his Doctorate in Management Science as well as D.E.A. and D.E.S.S. at the University of Grenoble II in France in 1990, 1984 and 1983 respectively. In 1982, he earned his Bachelor Eng. at North-Eastern University in China. 

During these past years, Professor Su has carried out many research projects regarding a variety of subjects such as new international division of work and strategic management, management of multinational corporations,internationalization of firms, country risk evaluation, cross-cultural management, development models of emerging countries and doing business in emerging markets. Professor Su’s researches have been presented in over 150 academic conferences, and his papers have been published in numerous journals and books.Having visited more than 100 countries in the world and lived during long periods of time on three continents, Professor Su pays a lot of interest in international exchange. He has provided consultation for numerous organizations and firms worldwide and organized many training programs for executives in several countries. He has given a lot of interviews to media. He has also been a visiting professor at several universities.

Professor Zhan Su received the Faculty of Administrative Sciences Award for Excellence in Teaching in 1995, the Laval University Award for Excellence in Teaching in 1999 and the Leaders in Business Education Award from PriceWaterHouseCoopers and the National Post of Canada in 2001.For more information about Dr. Su, please see