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Editorial Policy

Transnational Corporations Review (TNCR) welcomes submissions related to transnational corporations (TNC), foreign direct investment (FDI), institutional policy and governance, or international trade and development. TNCR aims at publishing both theoretical and empirical research papers, review articles, case reports and country-specific analysis in all areas of transnational corporations. TNCR invites leading authors and/or experts in the field to write futuristic “Research note” for further debate and developing research agenda.

In keeping with the journal’s editorial mission, preferences will be given to submissions that focus on business practices and adaptation of developed country firms (DCF) in the emerging and developing countries, as well as the emerging country firm’s (ECF) strategy, management practices and adaptation into the developed country markets. More importantly, the interactions and competition among these two kinds of firms and their governance issues will be highly welcomed. The journal also target researches that address the similar issues for emerging country firms that expand their activities to other developing and emerging country markets. With a view of further developing the visibility, TNCRpublishes special issues edited by guest editors on emerging topics in transnational businesses.

TNCR includes a wide range of fields in its discipline to create a platform for authors to make their contributions towards the journal. Its editorial board, generally including a review panel, executive editors and special advisory committee, are comprised of well-known individuals from academic, business, and policy circles. The primary role of the board members is to ensure that the journal publishes materials of high quality with a right direction and that it remains editorially independent. Each submission is first screened by a member of the editorial board with expertise in the field of the research topic of the submitted article and then sends for a double-blind review by the reviewers with proven expertise in the respective field.

Justification for a Submission

TNCR publishes papers of previously unpublished, original research or scholarship. First of all, article needs to pass the technical screening such as plagiarism and consistency of data and respecting all other technical instructions of the journal. Article must fall into the aims and scopes of the journal. The manuscript needs further to establish the coherence among the paper title, research questions, data and conclusions. Authors need to explicitly mention the contribution of their article to the existing body of knowledge (BoK).

Eligible submissions for TNCR include but not limited to empirical or theoretical papers. We welcome also systematic literature reviews, meta-analysis, and bibliometrics provided they meet the other criteria of being original, high-quality and demonstrate state-of-the-art of research of the topic. The paper submitted is normally between 5,000 and 8,000 words in length. It should adequately cite previously published papers in top tier journals of leading authors and fit within the wider knowledge body of the field of investigation. 

In a submission, author(s) must demonstrate the innovativeness of his/her work to convince the reviewer the pertinence of the article for the wider audience of the journal.  It has a straight-forward structure:

  • Introduction (Describing briefly the topic, research question/s and why it’s important to the research field and why we need further scientific investigation on this topic);
  • Literature Review (Critical discussion of existing research in the area of research topic of the article and what is the gap that the proposed article is to fill-up);
  • Methodology (How the author(s) would like to fill-up the gap in the literature/ replying the research questions);
  • Findings (What are the findings of the article);
  • Discussion (Analysis of the result/s and how the results fits among the existing research and what are the contributions to the existing body of Knowledge (BoK);
  • Conclusions, limitations and future research.   

Each submission is first screened by the Editor-in-Chief or one of the editorial board member who has expertise of the research field of the concerned article. The first level screening process evaluates the fit of the article within the aim and scope of the journal and verifies technical merit of the article. Following the first level screening, if the article is accepted for further review, editor-in-chief or the Associate editor chose two reviewers having the expertise in the field of the article and request them to review the article. These two expert reviewers can accept, or, reject or ask major or minor revision of the article before finally accepting for publication to the TNCR.     

The reviewers are asked to evaluate each submission according to the following six criteria:

  • Originality
  • Innovation
  • Technical merit
  • Applicability
  • Presentation (English)
  • Match to Journal Topic

Additional Notes

In keeping with the journal’s editorial mission, preferences will be given to submissions that focus on BRICS (Brazil, Russia, Indian, China and South Africa) and that demonstrate policy implications. The TNCR publishes special issues on particular topics.Faculty members and researchers with experience on scholarly publications are encouraged to contact the Managing Editor(s) at and/or