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Welcome to the Emerging Markets Institute at Cornell University Conference
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The Emerging Markets Institute will be holding its 2019 Annual Emerging Markets Conference in Cornell Tech Campus on Roosevelt Island, New York City, on November 8th, 2019. Under the theme of Constructive Engagement, this one-day event is the institute’s flagship where we launch the 2019 report on Emerging Multinationals and to bring together leading academics, students, and business and opinion leaders. This year the discussions will be around four industry panels: Fintech, Entrepreneurship, Impact Investing, and Macroeconomics. Information and Registration: 

Within the conference, EMI will hold its 3rd Emerging Markets Case Competition with prizes: $5,000 for the winning team, $3,000 for the 2nd place, and $1,000 for the 3rd

Emerging markets (EMs) continue to play a critical role in the global economy. Moreover, emerging market multinationals (eMNCs), especially from China, are aggressively expanding abroad and competing successfully in both developed and developing regions. The EMI reports authored by Lourdes Casanova and Anne Miroux explore the critical success factors of the eMNCs such as innovation in both business models and new products/services to win in global markets. This conference provides an important forum for discussion and dialogue to explore how eMNCs are adapting to and succeeding in a changing world.

Founded in 2010, Cornell’s Emerging Markets Institute at the S. C. Johnson Graduate School of Management at Cornell University provides thought leadership on the role of emerging markets—and emerging market multinationals—in the global economy. The Institute brings together preeminent practitioners and academics from around the world to develop the next generation of global business leaders and create the premier research center on the role of emerging markets in the global economy.

The EMI Conference includes many distinguished speakers, panelists and moderators. The conference partners include the Einaudi Center at Cornell University and the OECD Development Center. The Einaudi Center (Cornell University), Henry Renard and the Ada Kent Howe Foundation and Share Capital, Transnational Corporations Council of Studies and Transnational Corporations Review (Canada) are also contributed to the conference.

For any questions, please contact and/or You are also welcome to visit the EMI website, And follow EMI in social media.