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Workshop on Economic Studies and International (SSCI) Journal Publishing Held Successfully at Jilin University
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In the afternoon of September 22, 2019, "Workshop on Economic Studies and International (SSCI) Journal Publishing", hosted by the School of Economics at Jilin University, Transnational Corporations Council of Studies and China & World Economy, was successfully held in Dongrong Building in Jilin University. The workshop invited experts from international journals such as China & World Economy, Asian Economic Journal, Transnational Corporations Review and Taylor & Francis Group, as well as scholars from Zhejiang University, Jilin University, Wuhan University among others.

Professor Yibing Ding, Deputy Dean of the School of Economics at Jilin University, chaired the opening ceremony. Professor Xiao Li, Vice President of China Society of World Economics and Dean of the School of Economics at Jilin University, delivered a speech in which he expressed sincere gratitude to the chief editors of the international journals. This extended a warm welcome to the faculties and students from domestic universities. Xiaoming Feng, Managing Editor of China & World Economy, and Gaoju Yang, Co-Managing Editor of Transnational Corporations Review delivered remarks on behalf of the organizers.

Hugh Dang, Executive Director of Transnational Corporations Studies of Council, hosted the session of experts’ presentations. First of all, Julan Du, Associate Professor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and Managing Editor of the Asian Economic Journal, shared the publishing experience in international journals based on his years of experience in evaluation. He explained matters needing attention in paper writing based on his working paper. Later, Wendy Ding, Head of Researcher Services and Network, Asia Pacific, Taylor & Francis Group introduced the new trend of open science in the publishing industry, and encouraged researchers to actively share and exchange academic work with new researcher product and services. Next, Xiaoming Feng, Managing Editor of China & World Economy, introduced the history and characteristics of the journal, and put forward some points for submission, and explained the scope of the journal's topics, Zhinan Zhang, Editorial Manager of China & World Economy, gave a detailed explanation on the submission system of China & World Economy and the writing standards of international journals.

Zhinan Zhang hosted the session of exchanging experience in publishing international journals. Linhu Yu, Associate Professor of  School of Economics at Zhejiang University and Associate Editor of Transnational Corporations Review, talked about his many years' experience in publishing papers in American Economic Journal, Applied Economics and other international first-class journals, shared the methods of  selecting topics of the paper through theoretical expansion, data analysis, current affairs observation and other methods, and explained the structure and style of papers in international journals. Professor Hongwei Liao, Research Fellow in China Center for Public Sector Economy Research at Jilin University, introduced the characteristics of a topic selection, combined with the results of the paper, communicated with the research idea, data acquisition, empirical model, review process, and review response.

During the panel discussion, young teachers and doctoral students from domestic universities asked the experts questions about the specific problems encountered in the submission process. Experts patiently and carefully explained the review cycle, the review process, the decision-making principles among other issues. Meanwhile, Gloria Yuan, Vice President of Ottawa United Learning Academy, introduced the collaborations with China Economic Review and Pacific Economic Review with Transnational Corporations Review. Dr. Hongsheng Zhang, Faculty of School of Economics at Zhejiang University, introduced the call for papers related to the Digital Economy with an international conference at Cornell university in May 2020.
Finally, Professor Yibing Ding conducted a closing remarks. This workshop provides a learning platform for faculties and students to share and publish in international journals, and promotes the interaction between the chief editors of international journals and scholars. This is conducive to improving the level of internationalization of domestic scientific research. The workshop was a great success with sufficient contents and harmonious atmosphere.

(Written by Henan Ma, Reviewed by Hongwei and Hugh on September 25, 2019)