Transnational Corporations Review
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Dr. Cao, Mingfu, Professor and Deputy Dean, School of Economics, Tianjin Polytechnic University

For the sake of stepping with the latest academic trends, TNCR is a very useful reference. While we conduct academic research, the latest data and papers are essential. In order to avoid the teaching content outdated, a teacher must know the latest academic trends and better interpret the economic theory. Fortunately, TNCR becomes available.


Dr. Chen, Jiyong, Professor and Dean, School of Economics and Management, Wuhan University

It is a good journal, which helps researchers and teachers to learn about the latest development in the fields of TNCs and FDI.


Dr. Chen, Ling, Professor, Department of Economics and Management, Fujian Agricultural & Forestry University

TNCR is worth for the time. What I most enjoy is the layout and design of the journal, for it did not use the two column-formats, which makes it relaxed and comfortable for reading. High quality papers are collected, which is helpful for my research. I can get fresh ideas from those papers and TNCR will be my long-term focus.


Dr. Cui, Xinjian, Professor and Deputy Dean, School of Business, China’s Central University of Finance & Economics

I am an ardent writer and reader of TNCR since its establishment. This periodical possesses sharp insights into the research field of FDI and TNCs: every issue would publish several outstanding academia papers from different countries, and the research subjects of which spotlights the academic frontier of China and other countries in the realm of TNCs. I’ve subscribed this periodical for a long time. It offers a strong support for my teaching and researching in universities.


Dr. Fu, Lifen, Professor, School of Economics, Xiamen University

TNCR is a journal for transnational corporations, foreign direct investment, institutional innovation, and international development, which readers are highly interested in. For my curriculum about international economics, this journal helps me keep an ear to the ground of transnational corporations and policy orientation, thus I can put forward new ideas and analysis to my students.


Dr. Kang, Xueqin, Professor, Business College, Hebei University of Economics & Business

This journal is keen insight with different point of views. It stimulates thinking power. Any person who is the area should read each of the journals.


Dr. Lu, Xiaoyong, Professor and Dean, School of Software, Nanchang University

This TNCR pays special attention to TNCs and FDI, which plays a particularly important role in modern society. With the development of China, we can't avoid the influence of the foreign M&As. This journal attracts so many scholars and experts to discuss the interesting issues, which bring out many invaluable ideas. We all hope that the TNCR develops this platform for us to exchange the opinions. It is so grateful that TNCR gives us such a chance to express our ideas.


Dr. Pan, Lili, Professor and Director, Department of Foreign Languages, Qufu Normal University

I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt gratitude for TNCR colleagues, and my thanks also extend to special reviewers who helped me with the paper. I was deeply moved by the careful corrections when seeing the comments. I certainly learned a lot about how to improve an English paper. Actually, the conference of 2nd Forum on TNCs & China (2010) would not have been possible without the efforts of TNCR staff. Everything was just about perfect.


Dr. Pan, Siyu, Professor, School of Business, Guangxi University

SSCI is the most authoritative index to evaluate the quality of social science papers in China. For the evaluation of social science papers in Guangxi University, it only recognizes SSCI index. I mainly engage in teaching strategic management and research the transnational management of the Chinese firms. TNCR is very helpful to my teaching and research. It is a young but successful journal.


Dr. Qin, Xuezhi, Professor, School of Management, Dalian Polytechnic University

TNCR is a multi-disciplinary journal. Its content mirrors the diverse interests and approaches of scholars involved with the international dimensions of economics and Chinese businesses. This journal provides a forum for all viewpoints and schools of thought, encouraging interdisciplinary communication and interaction among researchers in the field. Furthermore, the journal is a vital resource for researchers, analysts and policy-advisors embracing international trade, FDI, and development.


Dr. Wang, Jiancheng, Professor, School of Management, Sun Yat-sen University

TNCR offers practical information about China’s growing involvement in the global economy. Foreign direct investment by transnational corporations is the most dominant and dynamic element of the world economy in terms of production value. Especially, the journal serves the great needs of our studies relate to international and Chinese business management.


Dr. Wang, Shaohua, Professor, College of Business Administration, Zhejiang University of Technology

TNCR is an influential journal that focuses on transnational corporations (TNCs), foreign direct investment (FDI), and international development from theoretical and practical perspectives. It provides a platform for TNC policy, theory, and practice; moreover, it is available in both English and Chinese. As a Chinese scholar majored in international economics and trade, I am mainly interested in inward and outward FDI, especially OFDI of private enterprises in China. TNCR Expands my academic view, and it brings opportunities to communicate with many scholars around the world.


Dr. Wang, Zhixin, Professor China’s Institute of Finance Office of the Central Judicial

TNCR is a modern media journal dedicated to providing economic, policy, and business analysis of current issues related to transnational corporations, foreign direct investment, institutional innovation, and international development. Its topic is about theoretical, practical, and knowledge management perspectives. It is very good and I often study it from the website. As a teacher in China, I can see progress in the near future.


Dr. Yang, Shuili, Professor and Vice Dean, Faculty of Economics and Management, Xi’an University of Technology

As Chinese researchers in economics, we have difficulties in accessing the latest knowledge and research results from the scholars in different fields abroad. TNCR has involved extensive areas and been rich in content, which provide us with a very good platform for acquisition and exchange of knowledge. The academic journal and relelvant conference proceedings have contained many excellent articles on FDI and ODI, which analyze the same theme from different angles. This will extend the thinking of new ideas, and add a lot of new ideas and methods in the future research, which would be greatly beneficial for researchers at home and abroad.


Dr. Yang, Yanlin, Professor, Research Center for Economic Development, Wuhan University

TNCR serves as the platform and frontline for theoretical and empirical research in all areas of multinational corporations. These include but not limited to the development of multinational corporations, foreign direct investment and recipients’ policies. It is an academic journal marked by being original and disseminating advanced thoughts and has a profound effect on Chinese multinational corporations in overseas operation and development.