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《跨国公司评论》(Transnational Corporations Review, TNCR)旨在搭建经济与管理/商务类跨学科国际发表平台,主要以对外投资、国际贸易与发展政策为其基本研究与发表领域。为方便专家学者浏览该刊文章,我们将近年文章目录初步分类,本期文章涉及“非洲相关企业与发展”、“企业与组织研究(Africa-related business & development; Business & organizational studies)有何疑问或建议,欢迎联系 

Group 5.  Africa-related business & development

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Group 6.  Business & organizational studies

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Special Issue

Contemporary Challenges of Small and Medium Enterprises

Yvette Essounga Njan & Maxine D. Morgan (2020) Micro-financing in the era of good governance: economic benefits. An empirical study, Transnational Corporations Review, 12:4, DOI: 10.1080/19186444.2020.1848759.

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Special Collection

Impact of COVID-19 on Economic Development and Foreign Direct Investment

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