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Technology, Innovation and Sustainable Development: A special issue of the Transnational Corporations Review (TNCR)
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Transnational Corporations Review (TNCR) is an academic journal dedicated to publishing peer-reviewed, high-quality research on issues related to transnational corporations. Faced with the global challenges of climate change, energy efficiency and sustainability, transnational corporations must introduce real measures to make themselves and their product range less environmentally damaging, and more conducive to a sustainable world. Strong environmental and short-term economic pressures have led to a shift towards more eco-friendly products, less emissions and resource consumption. Corporations can also find new sources of income by increasing sustainability, cutting costs and maximizing resource efficiency. Thus, the technological and management innovation presents an excellent business opportunity.

In order to establish a discourse on technology, innovation and sustainable development that will engage corporation managers, academic and research institutions and people concerned about the structural and institutional changes needed to make the transition to sustainable development in both emerging and developed countries, we call for papers for a special issue focused on technology, innovation and sustainable development. Topics of interest in this special issue include but are not limited to:

(1) Sustainability and Management Innovation

  • Sustainability and Management
  • Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Design
  • Sustainable Design and Business Strategy
  • Sustainability and Accounting, Finance
  • Sustainability and Marketing
  • Sustainability and Transnational Corporations
  • Sustainability and Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises
  • Sustainability and Ethics
  • Sustainability and Business Strategy
  • Sustainability and Social, Law
  • Sustainability and Corporation Culture
  • Sustainability and Environment
  • Sustainability and Developed Countries
  • Sustainability and Developing Countries
  • Green Procurement
  • Green Supply Chain and Logistics

(2) Sustainability and Technology

  • Technology Development and Innovation
  • Sustainability and Natural Resources
  • Sustainable Design
  • Innovation of Green Technologies
  • Green IT and Energy
  • Sustainability and Green IT Infrastructure
  • Cloud computing and virtualization

Author Benefits

We are pleased to announce the following benefits to the authors:

  • Fast-track review, the guaranteed response time is two months
  • Easy & rapid publication process
  • Fair, rigorous peer review process
  • Inclusion in many Abstracts/Indexes/Membership: ALJC, AMICUS, ASSIA, Cabell's, CrossRef, EBSCO, EconLit, IBSS, IBZ, PAIS, ProQuest, RePEc, SPD, SSRN, and Ulrichs

Paper submission: The manuscripts should be submitted by email to us at and/or

The special issue editors welcome original papers, review papers, technical reports and case studies. Abstract/Proposals will be expected by March 31, 2016. The deadline for manuscripts is on October 31, 2016. All submissions will need to conform to the usual requirements of TNCR and will be peer reviewed as normal. We plan for the special issue to be finalized by early 2017.

Special Issue Editors: Professors Vinod Kumar and Uma Kumar, Carleton University, Canada. The editorial members include Professors Yanwen Dong (Fukushima University), Ajax Persaud (University of Ottawa), and Vedmani Sharan (Carleton University)